Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Well we haven't posted in a while and things have been kind of stressfull. We had to reformat our main computer and then when it didn't work found out the harddrive was toast. Stupid thing. Also we lost everything that was saved on it because I didn't transfer the files over correctly to the external hard drive that Paul Henderson was so nice to let us borrow. Can we say stupid again! I think I even cried a little bit when I found that out. All I can say is thank heaven for our blog. I was able to get pictures from it for the last 6 months that I hadn't saved to a cd yet. Although I am really excited about our new computer (it is awesome) i would have much rather not had to buy one.
After Adam's 45 day vacation, as he puts it, Adam has finally got a new job!!! yyyiipppeeee!!! He is working for his old boss at Shaw. This has been a great blessing, he will have normal work hours again, a great boss that he gets along with, and he already knows the company and what they do. He started on Monday and seems to be enjoying it so far. (The insurance thing didn't happen) I do kind of miss not having him home all day though. :) and so does Ethan, which has of course brought on some more defiance.
As for me I FINALLY was able to take my nail tech tests. I passed my school tests on Monday (2/16) and then took my state written test on tuesday (2/17) and the practical on wednesday (2/18). Now I am just waiting for my nail technician license to come in the mail. (hopefully soon) I have been working on getting my business license so I can do nails out of my home and get the tax benefit as well. What a pain in the butt. Some dumb code about the fumes of the nail products stating i have to have an exhaust fan at my nail table. BLAH I am also hoping to get into a salon either part time or full time to hopefully build up my clientele faster. Plus to help bring in some extra money. :( Why does everything cost so much money?!
Ethan is still 2 1/2 and man he sure is good at it. He is an expert at ignoring!!! You would think he would learn by now that it doesn't work, it just gets him in trouble and in the corner, which he still hates luckily. Although I sometimes wonder if it is really working. Well not much else has been going on, thank heavens, our lives have seemed to be stressful enough. Here are some cute pictures that are recent....

Ethan being a dinosaur with my socks on his hands. crazy kid

Ethan and his friend Ashton.

This is what you have to resort to when you don't have a cool tool belt like Papa Tedd does. :)

What happens when the gate is left open. ethan goes exploring in daddy's closet.

Watch out ladies, he is coming to kiss ya. j/k

Friday, February 13, 2009

So cute!

i know it has been a while since we posted anything, but i finally got this video to download from our camera. this is ethan talking to Papa Tedd on the phone and then he realizes daddy is watching him at the end. enjoy......