Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just wanted to take a second to wish my wonderful husband a happy birthday. 31 years ago this adorable boy was born. I am so blessed to have him in my life and thank my Heavenly Father every day that he chose me to be his wife. Thank you for always making me laugh and keeping me on track. I love you babe!!!!One of my favorite pictures of Adam!

I think this is where Ethan gets his mischievousness!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Caught Red Handed!!

Well Ethan has decided that he no longer cares about using the toilet. We decided to give him a little more reign of the house so we moved the gate that went into the kitchen and put locks on all drawers and cupboards. We started with the latch locks which ended up not working since his little arms fit right in the drawer gaps and he kept pulling out the vegetable peelers and pizza cutter. So we ended up having to pay a little more money and get the "tot locks" that the doctor's offices use, they are magnetized and there is no gap in the drawers for Ethan to stick his grubby little hands in.

Well the other day I heard him with something in the kitchen. I went to look to see what he was doing and found him with his hand in the cookies. He was pretty proud of himself! All he would say when I asked him what he was doing was " num num num ". I am not sure how he got them down since they were back far enough that he couldn't reach them by just standing on the ground. Needless to say, they are now on top of the fridge and there isn't much on the counters anymore. Kids are smart!!

Here are a couple of more cute pics of the crazy kid.....

The red things are nuts from his toy tool bench. They fit quite nicely on his nose and of course wanted mommy to do it also. Sadly, they fit on mommy's nose as well.

Don't lay on the floor unless you want some company.

Thought he was pretty funny walking around and banging the bowl on his head.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Public Toilets :(

So about a week ago Ethan decided he wanted to go potty on the toilet! I was a little confused as to what he was trying to tell me since this was the first time mentioning it at all. Also, the kid is quarantined to the living room (to save my sanity) so he had to try and tell me he wanted to go into the bathroom without actually going there and using normal words. Finally I let him through the gate so he could show me what he was saying. He ran right to the toilet and pulled down his pants. He sat on the toilet and held himself up just fine. Well as unprepared mentally as I was for this big step, I decided to go with it since he was obviously wanting to do it. He has no problem going poop on the toilet, which is really weird to me since everyone says how kids are normally scared of going poop on the toilet, but will go pee just fine. So apparently Ethan didn't get that memo, cause he doesn't mind peeing in his pull ups and goes poop in the toilet great.

Now a fun adventure that comes with potty training is getting your child to go on any other toilet than the ones at home. The other night we were at Outback Steakhouse and Ethan claimed he had to go "eewwww", which is what he says when he needs to go potty. So we make the trek all the way to the other side of the restaurant in a mad dash, dodging people who don't want to move as you say "excuse me please". We get into the stall and I am squatting down next to him trying to get him to pull down his pants and suddenly I notice every dirty little spot in the entire stall. Now I have no problem going in public restrooms, but when you are trying to keep a 2 year old from touching every germ infested thing in the bathroom, you suddenly think twice about public restrooms. Needless to say he didn't go potty. I know all of you moms out there are laughing because it has only been a week since he started going on the toilet, but time is running out for me. I have decided that I am going to go to Nail School starting October 6th, so if Ethan isn't fully potty trained by then, then it will probably have to wait. So wish us luck and any suggestions are welcomed!!