Friday, May 30, 2008

New toy/yard

So a couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to get a much bigger car for about the same payment as we were already paying for our Mitsubishi Lancer. We got a Chrysler Town & Country 2006. It has the wonderful "stow & go" feature and tons of room.

Ethan loves the van as well, although he thinks that it is for him to play in.

We also layed sod and when I say we I mean Adam and several of his buddies. Thanks again to those who came and helped we really appreciated it, Adam probably appreciated it more than me, but still. Now Ethan can play in the backyard and I don't have to worry about him running out into the street every 30 seconds. Although I still have to put some kind of lock on both gates. Thanks to a beautiful patio slab along with sidewalks and sod our backyard is finally looking like a normal backyard. When we bought the house the backyard was a mess of dirt. The previous owners had 2 very large dogs and they ruled the backyard.

This is the place we designated for our future storage shed. We are hoping to pour a 10 x 10 slab this july with the wonderful help of my dad. And yes we have a garage, but no basement and our garage gets so dirty that we need room to store toys, clothes (in totes), etc., that won't get so dirty. (or maybe we just want to keep up with Mr. Paul Henderson) j/k Although Adam was pretty jealous when Paul got his shed. :)

Our inactive LDS neighbor diagonal from us is kind of nosy, but harmless, came over to talk to me when we had just got the van and it was parked out front and the sod was being delivered the same day. He made the comment that "tithing must work". Then he said that maybe he should come to church and sit behind us and some of our "luck" would rub off on him. I told him that he would actually have to show up at church for that to happen. He laughed and kept telling me about my wonderful van's features (in case I didn't know about the car I had just bought) :)

Greatest Invention!

For my anniversary/mother's day/birthday present, my wonderful husband gave me the "Cricut" machine. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a computerized machine that cuts out all different sorts of letters and pictures depending on the cartridge you put in it. All I can say is that I wish I would have been the one to come up with this product cause I would be RICH!!!! Here are a few pictures of what it looks like......

I have been having a blast playing around with what the cartridge that came with it can do. Here is just a little thing I did for fun......
Now since I am in the Primary Presidency, I also had quite some fun making new signs for the classroom doors and also for the seats in Primary Opening Exercises. I am a little anal and like things to match so here a couple of signs that we will be using on sunday.....(this pictures of the suns and crown were done on my regular computer)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

recent pics

Well I know it has been a while since we have blogged so here is our attempt to make up some time lost. (there will be more to come)

This was during a survivor party at our house and Ethan slipped off of his couch and fell face first into my bowl of chili. Quite funny!

Mid clean up. Dad taking action pictures. :)

This was on mother's day. Nana and Grandpa Christensen gave Ethan this outfit from Hawaii so I had to put it on him before the crazy kid grows out of it.

He looks a little annoyed with having to sit for a picture.

Ethan thought he was pretty clever getting his whole body into this drawer until he realized he couldn't get out by himself.