Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ok so we are way behind on our blogging. I promise to try to be better. Here are some pictures from the last few months with some brief descriptions. Hope you don't mind that I am not writing a book for each one. :) Enjoy....

Ethan got new bedding for.....

His new big boy bed. We have had it for probably a year, just in a box. Ethan got way to heavy to lift in and out of a crib and he has slept in his big bed ever since march. He doesn't get out unless he has just woken up from a nap or in the morning. Mom LOVES IT!!!

Daddy had to get a pic of him sleeping. I do admit he sure is cute!!

The goofball is awake!

soaking up some rays while the warm weather was here.

All I have to say is thank heavens for Camie at the daycare Ethan now goes to. She potty trained him within the first week he was there. He is pretty much potty trained. No more diapers. Wait is my little boy big enough to be doing this??? (incase you couldn't tell by now, he is obsessed with Cars)

Ok so this was absolutely disgusting. Ethan had a horrible night and litterally threw up everything he had eaten at dinner. There was a TON of food. It was so bad that poor Adam had to clean up the actual throw up because I started dry heaving. Good thing I am not pregnant cause it would have been over!! Luckily it was only for that night. He was up all night throwing up any little drinks of water he had. Poor little guy. I need to stop typing about it before I start dry heaving again. :( (Oh and it made me really mad that Adam took this picture.)

Ethan on Easter morning. Had to pry him away from the candy to go to church.

Here is a video of Ethan showing what he learned at daycare.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Privacy anyone?

Ok I know every parent goes through this, but I haven't till now because we have our bathroom gated off from Ethan. We were over at our friends Paul & Janet's and this is what I got while trying to go to the bathroom quickly. Ethan thought he was so hilarious!!