Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Big 3!

Well my baby Ethan is no longer a baby. Ethan turned 3 on Aug. 16th. I can't believe it has been that long. Man where has the time gone. Ethan wanted a "kachow" cake which is what he calls Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. So luckily my friend Kat had the cake pan already so I didn't have to buy it. (thanks again) I had the vision of making the lightning mcqueen cake look like it was driving down a road, since there were going to be about 18 people there I wanted to make sure I had enough cake. However, my brain was not functioning right and I could not figure out how to make the cake look like what I was invisioning. Sooooooooo I enlisted the help of our creative friend Paul Henderson. He helped me cut the cake to make it look like the pics below while still using as much cake as possible. (I know Paul you dont think you helped that much but you did). Same goes for Adam, he helped me move the cake and flip the cake and keep my sanity while doing it. A BIG THANKS TO THE BOTH OF YOU!! I REALLY APPRECIATED IT AND THE CAKE TURNED OUT PRETTY AWESOME IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF.

Ethan blowing out his candles

Thank for all the presents. Ethan is definately very loved.

DISCLAIMER: I promise Ili'Kea was not hurt in any way. :) She was laughing in the beginning but by the time we got the camera this is what was left. (such a little firecracker)