Thursday, January 15, 2009

Up and Up

The last few months have probably been the most trying times for Cristina and I in our almost 5 years of marriage. Our marriage has always been fine, but we never felt the crunch that so many young married couples feel with falling on hard times. Not that times were hard, just trying. Anyway, things are on the Up and Up now.
I have been studying for just over a month now to get my state insurance license. Well I took my exam on Tuesday and passed, first try. I have talked to few people about the exam and apparently passing on the first attempt is sometimes difficult. It's a 150 question test, and you are given 2 1/2 hours to take it, that's a lot of information to recall. With that, I will be starting my new job pretty quick.
As for Cristina, she has completed her nail school. A big thank you to all of those friends that were able and willing to go in and let Cristina finish up her required services on you. You did more than you might think. Now that she has finished school, all she needs to do is take her state exam, which will happen the first part of February. She is so excited about this. She has always enjoyed doing nails and I know that she is going to be amazing at it.
One thing which we forgot to do was announce the winning business name. After many votes and a finish that ended in a tie between two of them, we had to make a decision on the name we wanted between the two. Cristina has chosen "The NailSmith" as the name of her business. Again, thank you to everyone who submitted names and also all those that voted.
Cristina and I are pleased with the direction things are going for us and are thankful for such great friends and an amazing family that are looking out for us.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I blame the ECONOMY

There are a lot of things that I could blame on the economy. Like maybe the fact that I am a little over weight, or maybe my love for really stupid jokes. What about how Bob barely won Survivor over Susie and Sugar didn't get any votes. But that wouldn't make much sense. Something that might be more reasonable, maybe that people aren't going to get their nails done at the school which is causing Cristina to extend her time at school a week or two to get in the services required. But the thing that the economy is effecting most of all right now is my employment. In these times the general public just isn't spending money unless they need to. Which brings me to my purpose here. You may or may not know but as of yesterday (Dec. 31, 2008) I am no longer employed with MRM. I was told on Sept. 15th that I was being put on part time as of Oct. 15th, until "times" get better. From that day on I have been searching for a new job. However in this economy not a lot of companies are hiring, in fact if you watch the news, a lot of companies are laying off, so obviously nothing came along. Apparently "times" didn't get any better in the furniture business. When the consumer doesn't buy furniture then furniture stores don't by furniture from the manufacturer, ergo Adam loses his job as office manager. On Dec. 1st I received a phone call at home letting me know that my last day of work would be Dec. 31st. It must take a lot of courage to call someone to lay them off instead doing it in person. Then avoid at all costs talking about it while at work. After looking for a job for a month and half with no success I was starting to get pretty discouraged. However I know that as long as I do the things I know are right and live the way my Heavenly Father wants me to I will be blessed.
Because of this I decided that I wanted to do something that I had more control over. I want to be in charge of my own career, so I am moving into a new field, sales. An opportunity came my way to get my insurance license and sell life insurance. This is something that I have toyed around with doing for a while now and... well it looks like it's time to do it. This comes at a time that it finally feels right for me to do (plus there is a lot of money to be made in this industry if done right).
So wish me luck as I take on something new and move in a new direction. No need to fret though, I still have the furniture connection if you need furniture at a good price, I can still get it for you.