Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 years!!!

Friday night was Adam's missionary reunion! He has been home 10 years this year. President and Sister Rowe are always so sweet and caring. Ethan of course made himself at home and was sitting at their kids table and riding a tricycle they had out on their back patio. It was a lot of fun to see Adam's old companions and friends from his mission. After the reunion, a group of us always goes out to dinner. This year the group included John Maxim, Stayton & Nicole Barnes, The Smiths, and Rob & Ann Shirley. (The Daleys were greatly missed) :( We ended up at Carls Jr. and needless to say Ethan had a blast running around with the Barnes' two children in the playland. Here is a couple pics from after we got home and realized just how much fun he had playing.

Needless to say, he got a little dirty.

Unfortunately we forgot our camera so we don't have any actual pictures from the reunion. :( Better luck next time.


Cameron's Corner said...

What time was that photo taken? Ethan looks effing knackered.

Adam and Cristina Smith said...

haha, it was probably around 11:30 pm. after 3 hours of non stop craziness