Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nailed by Cristina, part 1

So by now you all know that Cristina is going to school to become a Nail Technicion. The school will last 3 months, give or take a week. This is something that we have been talking about her doing for a couple of years. She is about a third of the way done at this point. See her previous post for info on how you can help her get some credit.

Ok, now to the point of this post. Upon her graduation from school she will be running her own little business out of our home. Doing nails every chance she gets. To run a business you need to have a business and to have a business you need a name for your business. That brings me to my point. Here's what Cristina and I have decided to do. Since she doesn't like my idea for a name of her business (Nailed by Cristina) she wants to have someone out there in the blogger world suggest a name. So we want everyones idea on a name for the business. We will then pick a few of the favorites and post them on here to be voted on. The winner of that vote will be her new business name and the person whom suggested it will receive $100 of nail service from my talented wife. I'm sure some of you male readers are thinking that isn't fair, how does this benefit me?! Beleive me, if you gave your wife/girlfriend/mom/sister/girl thats a friend/etc. a bunch of free nail work, you will benefit. So please leave your comment/suggestion on this blog. LET THE CONTEST BEGIN!!


Katie said...

Here are my ideas:
1. Polished
2. Perfectly Polished
3. Polished to Perfection

My favorites are listed in the above order.
Sounds like fun!

Janet and Paul said...

Although Adams suggestion is probably the best is our list (mostly thanks to Janet since she is hoping to get the free nail work done) -

Just Nailed
Just Nails
C.N.N. (Cristina's Nail Network)
All Buffed Up
In The Buff
Buff N' File Co.
All My Nails
File, Buff & Nail Me Up
Tips N' Talk
Tips By Tina
Tipped Of
Time 2 Shine
Fingers & Toes
Cristina's Color Company
Paint N' Place
The Nail Lady
The File Room

Janet and Paul said...

sorry, the tipped of, should be tipped off.

Janet and Paul said...

This is Janet...Crisina just so you know, my two favorite are "Cristina's Color Company" and "The File Room". I also originally had on the list "Your Mom's Nails" but it was just for Paul and Adam's sake :)

iamjoesbackbone said...

I know being your sister and all that I should be on your side but I have to say that I think Adam's is the best. hahaha Go "Nailed by Cristina"!!!!


Quela said...

How about ACE Nails

Johnny Metropolis said...

I am not even thinking just throwing some out, thats usually when the best ideas come (and the worst)

Pretty Digits
Nail Painter
Nail Barber
My Girlfriends Nail Parlor
Nails Galore
Spirit Fingers
Digit Art
The Nailsmith
Gossip and Nails
Gossip and Fingertips
Nailed again and again
Get done
Premier Nail Company
Pretty Whitty and Gay
The Kearns Nail Salon

Okay thats all I got... I know they are awesome so go easy on some of the other contestants.

Johnny Metropolis said...

ooh, I forgot

Bling Yo Digits