Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nailed by Cristina, part 1

So by now you all know that Cristina is going to school to become a Nail Technicion. The school will last 3 months, give or take a week. This is something that we have been talking about her doing for a couple of years. She is about a third of the way done at this point. See her previous post for info on how you can help her get some credit.

Ok, now to the point of this post. Upon her graduation from school she will be running her own little business out of our home. Doing nails every chance she gets. To run a business you need to have a business and to have a business you need a name for your business. That brings me to my point. Here's what Cristina and I have decided to do. Since she doesn't like my idea for a name of her business (Nailed by Cristina) she wants to have someone out there in the blogger world suggest a name. So we want everyones idea on a name for the business. We will then pick a few of the favorites and post them on here to be voted on. The winner of that vote will be her new business name and the person whom suggested it will receive $100 of nail service from my talented wife. I'm sure some of you male readers are thinking that isn't fair, how does this benefit me?! Beleive me, if you gave your wife/girlfriend/mom/sister/girl thats a friend/etc. a bunch of free nail work, you will benefit. So please leave your comment/suggestion on this blog. LET THE CONTEST BEGIN!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nails! Nails! Nails!

On October 6th I started Nail School at the Color My Nails School. It has been going good. The first month sucks because it is mainly book work and not a whole lot of practice time. We have already learned how to do manicures and pedicures ( the easy part of being a nail technician). Needless to say it has been a big eye opener for me. I have had acrylic nails ever since high school and my nail ladies make it look so stinkin easy! Boy was I wrong. I am sure once I get enough practice under my belt it will be a lot easier, but man is it frustrating. I am enjoying having some adult interaction and learning so much! I think Ethan is enjoying going to his sitter and meeting new friends.

Right now we are only allowed to work on the public on Saturdays and we can only do manicures and pedicures. So if you would like to have a manicure or pedicure, please call the school and schedule an appointment and request Cristina Smith to do it. Below is some info regarding coming to the school. Please come and help me earn credit for doing services on clients. :)

Color My Nails School
Saturday: 9am - 3pm
85 E. 7200 S. ( 1/2 block east of Hooters)

Manicure = $10.00
Pedicure = $20.00

Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 years!!!

Friday night was Adam's missionary reunion! He has been home 10 years this year. President and Sister Rowe are always so sweet and caring. Ethan of course made himself at home and was sitting at their kids table and riding a tricycle they had out on their back patio. It was a lot of fun to see Adam's old companions and friends from his mission. After the reunion, a group of us always goes out to dinner. This year the group included John Maxim, Stayton & Nicole Barnes, The Smiths, and Rob & Ann Shirley. (The Daleys were greatly missed) :( We ended up at Carls Jr. and needless to say Ethan had a blast running around with the Barnes' two children in the playland. Here is a couple pics from after we got home and realized just how much fun he had playing.

Needless to say, he got a little dirty.

Unfortunately we forgot our camera so we don't have any actual pictures from the reunion. :( Better luck next time.