Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grandma Jan & Grandpa Tedd

My parents came and visited us in July. Ethan was in heaven! He got to help papa Tedd with all the projects he was doing for me and Adam while we were at work. Ethan had a sinus infection and a horrible cough so we kept him home from daycare. Thank heaven for my mom cause she watched him all week so i could still go to work. My parents got Ethan a toolbelt and wheelbarrow for his birthday but my mom couldn't wait to give it to him. They came in handy with helping Papa Tedd, or so I am told. Apparently he was a perfect child for my parents. (hmmm) Anyway here are some pics of the work and the after pictures:

This is what happens when you leave an art major to entertain a 3 yr old. (kept him busy for days)
Ethan helping mommy paint the wall where my dad took out a built in shelf and patched the wall.

Thanks dad it looks so nice without that shelf!!!

We had my dad take out the chain link fence that just went across the front of the lawn and didn't connect to anything. The yard looks so much bigger now.

Ethan swinging on the fence before it was all taken out. Is it too early for gymnastics?

The 3 boys playing mario kart, (sorry grandpa didn't mean to cut you out.)

My wonderful parents! Then after my parents left Paul came and put in recessed lighting in our living room. Our house was built in the 1950's and apparently back then they didn't believe in putting lights in the living rooms. All the houses in our neighborhood are that way. Silly builders!

You should have seen the amount of insulation falling from the ceiling. I thought Adam was going to have an attack because of how dirty the floor was getting. Quite funny!



cbonitab said...

I bet your parents were in heaven with that little boy! How great!

Kay said...

Hey, I'm a friend of Adam's from highschool, I put my son in a tumbling class when he was about that age, and he loved it! It was just one of those classes that are in the pamphlets that come in the mail. I think it was with the murray school district. And, You did a great job on the Lightning McQueen cake. I have made a few of them myself. I put them on roads too. I set the lightning cake on a half sheet cake that was like a feild of grass with a road down the middle. I think that your idea was pretty cool!